1950’s Model Speed Queen Washing Machine Great Conditin

 7741806073392860 1950s Model Speed Queen Washing Machine Great Conditin

1950's Speed Queen Washing Machine. own a part of our history. -------------------- This washing machine is in great condition and still works to wash clothes. The owner still uses it. There is only about 2 inches of rust starting on a small part. This Washing machine has the roller system to where after you wash, you manually roll clothes through to wring them out. ------------------------------------- We don't realize how much time we save with today's laundry Machine's. ----------------------------------- This piece would add that country touch to your home and draw eyes to it. And the bonus of working condition is a great value.

Contact informations :
Seller Name: jodiegailsangster
Sale Price: $500.00
Zip Code: 39573
Location: Perkinston, MS

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