Antique 1927 Radiant Heater #2 American Gas Machine Co


WELCOME! For sale is an antique American Radiant Heater No. 2 made by The American Gas Machine Co. This is a radiant heater fired with gas. It has a pump and tank. Some surface rust but solid, all major parts are present, just missing a couple of the small metal guards. There is some nice thick metal logo parts on this stove as shown. Dated early 1920's. Buy it now or make offer. PAYMENT OPTIONS ARE THE BUYERS CHOICE. I SHIP SAME DAY OR NEXT DAY AFTER PAYMENT IS RECEIVED WHICH IS DUE WITHIN 8 DAYS. 4 days if paying through PayPal. DELIVERY CONFORMATION IS INCLUDED IN SHIPPING. THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST!


Contact informations :
Seller Name: antique_capital_lancaster_county_pa
Sale Price: $200.00
Zip Code: 17578
Location: USA

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Auction price: $200.00

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