Antique Berkel Meat Deli Slicer Us Slicing Machine Company Hand Crank


Antique deli slicer made by US Slicing Machine Company, LaPorte, IND. I believe this is a Berkel slicer. Metal tag states numbers 204095. Metal casting underneath has the numbers 2100-A. Front metal tag contains numerous dates underneath "US Slicing Machine Company"... not sure what those dates mean, but the last date on it was Sept, 1926. I'm not sure what the original model came with as far as accessories, so please see the pictures. Item is antique and shows signs of wear, but all mechanical parts on it seem to be in working condition. Please contact me with any additional questions, and I will answer them to the best of my ability. I am more than happy to take additional pictures of specific parts if you would like.

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