Antique Lion No 1 Aetna Powder Company Blasting Machine Dynamite Plunger


For auction is a Vintage/Antique Aetna Powder Company Lion No 1 Blasting Machine. Very Good condition. Measurements: appx. 11.5" tall X 5.5" wide X 8" deep weight 19.15 lbs. on my postage meter. The physical appearance is quite commanding / striking. The blasting machine's strap on the top is broken in half...nicks, scratches, scrapes and a few short cracks where the screws fasten the unit together... what you would expect from a working machine. Great color (not bleached out) / nice detailing (dove tails) plunger travels up and down and to my eye the unit is all original. The blasting machine hasn't been tested so I don't know if it works although it appears to be intact inside. The blasting machine is being sold as is...please see pic as part of the description. Email any questions.


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Auction price: $899.00

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