Antique Maytag Electric Ringer Washer Washing Machine


Here we have today this Antique Maytag Electric Ringer Washer Washing Machine. I don't see a model number on the machine itself, but there is some info on the motor (pictured). Another thing I don't see is damage or missing parts. Just some paint wear and VERY minor surface rust near the bottom of the legs mainly. The cord is not in great condition so we are not going to plug it in to test it. If you want to come by, we will let you have the honors! Will be a local pickup (about 40 miles south of Kansas City), or email for freight quote with your zip code for an estimated cost from UPS freight to your business address or the nearest pickup Hub if you are seriously interested. Residential delivery is an additional $75.00. I guarantee this item/items to be authentic and as described. Please email with questions using the ebay message system. Local Pickup is Always FREE, our zip code is 64723. Please check our other listings, feedback, and NEAR PERFECT detailed seller ratings (DSR's). Feedback Policy PLEASE READ BEFORE BIDDING!!! First of all we would like everyone to know that we are human beings and we will occasionally make a mistake. It is inevitable! We deal in large volumes of merchandise of all types and try our very best to describe our products exactly as they are. We will NEVER intentionally attempt to mis-identify, or hide a problem with an item!!! We are honest sellers. It is not only how we conduct our business, but how we live our lives as well. If you feel that an item you purchased from us is not as described or misidentified, or if there is a shipping issue, PLEASE CLICK ON THE ITEM LISTING AND CONTACT US BEFORE LEAVING NEGATIVE OR NEUTRAL FEEDBACK!!!, OR MORE IMPORTANTLY, ANYTHING LESS THAN 3 STARS IN THE DETAILED SELLERS RATINGS IN ANY OF THE FOUR CATAGORIES!!! We WILL literally bend over backwards to see that your problem is resolved in a VERY TIMELY MATTER!!! If for some reason we can not take care of the problem, then feel free to leave what ever feedback you wish! Payment and Checkout Invoices will be sent out no later than the day after auction close. It is usually best to wait for the invoice before paying especially if you have won more than one item. If you plan on bidding on two or more items that end on different days, please let us know. If you receive an invoice for an item won and you plan on bidding on more items, just let us know, and if you win more, we will be happy to combine invoices and shipping costs. We will combine invoices and shipping for items won within 5 consecutive days. Shipping and Handling Unless otherwise noted your item will ship within (3) working days after payment received, and usually the day or two after. In order to keep shipping costs down, we normally ship USPS Parcel Post. It is the most economical for you, our customer. But parcel post can take up to 14 days for delivery, so please do not email us after 6 or 8 days wondering were your item is. I have been using this service for over three years and have only had 1 package not make it to it's destination! If you would like to receive your item within (3) days let us know immediately after auction close and we will send an invoice with Priority Mail shipping costs. IMPORTANT!!! We DO NOT attempt to make extra money on shipping. We estimate shipping as close as possible to the national "zone" average, and add only an additional $1.00 to $2.00 for packaging materials, supplies, operation costs, and labor. Most of the items we sell are on consignment, so we have to cover those costs. Any personal items we sell have NO handling costs added. We do our very best to package you items in a way that will insure their safe voyage! We take extra care in wrapping and packaging fragile items using bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and heavy duty packaging paper. If you do receive your item damaged please photograph it and contact us immediately. Do NOT throw away the original packaging! Our Customer Policy Without question, you our customer are our most valuable asset. Without you we cannot support our families! We care about your satisfaction and strive to deliver you a quality product in a timely manner! If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our service, simply email us and give us the opportunity to make you happy. We will literally bend over backwards to see that you are completely satisfied with your buying experience with us! Thank you, we appreciate your business!!!


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Seller Name: rockhunterrr
Sale Price: $350.00
Zip Code: 64723
Location: Amsterdam, Missouri

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