Antique Sew-gem Sewing Machine ( Pre-1930’s)model No. 2032084

 203432210576636800 Antique Sew gem Sewing Machine ( Pre 1930s)model No. 2032084

Antique SEW-GEM Sewing Machine ( pre-1930's)Model no. 2032084 - Up for auction is a very old pre-1930's dark brown SEW-GEM sewing machine, model number 2032084. This machine is in really good condition for it's age, however the power cord need to be replaced. The cord is torn at one end. The built in wooden box case measures 1'6" long and 1'1" tall. This sewing machine was made by Gellman Manufacturing company. The machine comes with all the parts needed such as; a peddle, needles that fit, and ect. There are 11 attachments. This machine is 120 volts. Thank you for your interest in this item. Please feel free to ask any question! SHIPPING INCLUDES INSURANCE AND TRACKING We are not experts in this field, and our descriptions are as accurate as we can determine based on our knowledge. The picture will provide you a description of the item. This item can be a used product and while it appears to be in the described condition, remember, you may notice some wear on it. If we notice any specific ‘dings’, ‘dents’ or ‘scratches’ we will note that in the description but again this is a used item and it may reflect that use. I will not ship outside the United States. If the buyer requires shipping outside the United States the buyer will pay all shipping & handling costs. Any refunded item must be delivered to me within three days from the date of receipt by the buyer. The buyer will pay all shipping c

 203432210576636801 Antique Sew gem Sewing Machine ( Pre 1930s)model No. 2032084
 203432210576636802 Antique Sew gem Sewing Machine ( Pre 1930s)model No. 2032084
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