Antique Sewing Machine New National Home Iron Brass


This is a hard to find antique cast iron sewing machine that comes with 6 little brass bobbins. The handle, wheel, and needle all turn and move like they were intended. All the parts are moveable and the base brass pull-spring latch works, opening it and keeping it locked closed. The only real issue is that the metal on the handle and the metal slide plate are rusty. It has fancy gold, bronze, and red roses and leaves all over the base and both sides of the top part of the machine. It reads on both side NEW NATIONAL and in the center of the bottom's top portion in the graphic of a running greyhound LIGHT RUNNING NEW HOME TRADE MARK I'm listing some other parts, treadles, electification adapters and motors, etc. in another auction. If you win both auctions, I'll give you a better deal! (15% off the total of the 2 listings!)


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Seller Name: tivonas_herbs
Sale Price: $134.95
Zip Code: 04901
Location: Waterville, ME

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Auction price: $134.95

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