Antique Singer Queen Anne Sewing Machine Cabinet Bench Stool Chair Seat 1940’s


Antique Queen Anne Style Sewing Bench By: Singer Also can use as an Ottoman, Piano Bench, Stool etc. Good condition for its age.There are some minor scratches and wears. See pics. As Per The Tag: Material Consisting of: 86% Hog Hair 14% Horse Hair Sisal Fibre : 7 1/2 % Cotton Felt : 17% Registry number 7025 Permit #113 There is an original Department of Labor Stamp for 1 cent on the tag. We do not know what this is for. Dims are: 16 3/4 inches wide by 15 inches deep by 19 1/2 inches High Overall. Has a handy storage compartment / tray under the cushion. We do not know the exact date of this. We do know that it was given to a friend of ours by his mother ... in the 50's He remembers seeing it before then. So we will GUESS that this bench is from the 1930's - early 1940's.


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