Antique Singer Sewing Machine, Oak Cabinet, 1906

Attachments in box, manuals for machine and attachments


Own a piece of history! This antique Singer Sewing treadle sewing machine is in great condition! I have owned it for about 20 years, it has been kept in a smoke-free home and has been loved and admired. The oak cabinet has 6 side drawers and a center drawer. As you can see from the photos, the woodwork on the cabinet is elaborate and in excellent shape. There are a few minor scratches on the top of the cabinet, and on the extension, when the machine is out, there is a ring where someone must have put a plant at one time. All defects are minor and would likely sand out easily of you cared to refinish this piece. A plate on the machine has the number B1402046. The paint on the machine is in very good condition, as well, and shows not only the lovely gold, but also some very light other colors, like blue and pink. Although I don't have a photo of it, the plate on the front of the machine (opposite end than the treadle belt wheel) is silver in color and has a very lovely vine and berries pattern. The dates on the bobbin cover plate are "Patented Dec. 5 - 1882, Sep 22 - 1885, July 19 - 1887, Aug 21 - 1888 and Jan 13 - 1891 and is stamped on the back of that plate "8297." Also with this machine are two instruction manuals - one for the machine and one for the attachments. Both are revised in the early 1900s They have been in one of the side drawers, folded, so they will need some "unbending," but are not brittle. A wooden box full of attachments is also included with this machine. There are 6 bobbins, 5 with thread, and pieces too numerous to mention - even if I knew what they were! I do include a photo of the attachments with this auction. Comparing what is in the box with what is in the manual photo, it appears all pieces are there but 3 smaller screwdrivers, and there are attachments in the box that are not in the manual. I am not an antique dealer, so I really can't tell you too much more about this piece. I have enjoyed owning it for many years, but am downsizing and simply don't have room for it. I don't want to store it in a place without heat, so have decided to sell it. PAYMENT VIA PAYPAL, CASHIER'S CHECK OR CASH. LOCAL PICK UP ONLY. ALSO ON SALE LOCALLY, SO I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO TERMINATE THIS AUCTION AT ANY TIME. Thanks for your interest!


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Seller Name: mensamama
Sale Price: $250.00
Zip Code: 43402
Location: Bowling Green, Ohio

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Auction price: $250.00

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