Antique Working Singer Sewing Machine In Parlor Cabinet



Antique Singer Sewing Machine. It is beautiful and works but I don't know how to sew.My mother used it during WWII with pride.It has been well cared for and is very old. The cabinet is a beautiful piece of furniture. This Antique Singer Sewing Machine (SN Y8315198) is one of the Singer machines manufactured in Scotland for a brief time. "Manufactured In Great Britain" is stamped on the top. Valued between $1500 - $2,500 depending upon condition and this one is MINT.The Dayton electric motor was manufactured in Chicago. Who has room for a dedicated "Sewing Room" anymore? Turn a seldom used room into something functional.Transform your sewing room, in a matter of minutes toa beautiful sofa table or a small buffet in the dining room Dimensions 17"D x 30"H - Width closed 32" Open 43" The antique Parlor Cabinet is Classic styling that goes with any decor. I was told it is walnut. The wood has a beautiful color and sheen and plenty of storage. When closed, the cabinet looks like a beautiful antique, keeping it's utilitarian purpose a secret. No one will ever guess what is hidden inside:1. Left side door has 4 storage drawers behind it. 2. Above that is another drawer with a sliding tray. 3. Under the machine is a large space for bulky items4. Right side door has additional storage for tall items like bolts of fabric, etc.5. The sewing machine disappears effortlessly and completely into the specially built cavity leaving no sign of the electric machine hiding inside. When you look at the throw-away plastic junk manufactured over the past years, it makes you appreciate the quality of a machine like this that can maintain beauty AND function for almost a century. Talk about recycling!!! I have a house full of my own antiques and simply can't keep all my mother's furniture. You can probably tell, however that I am reluctant to sell this machine.It seems a waste, since I don't sew but I can't help wondering ...if I will be able to replace it with an antique table, this beautiful, for this price?If you have read this far and are interested in a buyitnow price, email me with an offer. I can not ship but will co-operate if buyer wishes to arrange packing and shipping.Delivery within 25 miles of Beverly Hills, included.


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