Hibbard Spencer Bartlett Treadle Conover Sewing Machine Cabinet & Attachments


DESCRIPTION : Century Old New Conover Treadle Sewing Machine With Cabinet And Attachments Box Sold By Hibbard Spencer & Bartlett Of Chicago Illinois. CONDITION : The cabinet has some wear and water stains from being used as a plant stand for many years. Most of the wood problems are on the top. The drawers are solid. The treadle and machine spin freely and the needle moves up and down. There is a belt in the drawer, though I have never attached it. The attachment case is in nice shape and just needs the dust wiped off. COMMENTS : Sold as is and there is NO shipping on this item. It must be picked up in person. Originally sold by a large hardware and iron firm in Chicago that later sold out and became True Value. I suspect the treadle may be their own design. Conover was an employee of Hibbard Spencer & Bartlett. I believe the machine may actually be a Singer, though I am not exactly sure. I will leave that to you experts and bidders to determine. TERMS : CASH ON PICKUP ONLY. CONTACT ME WITH ANY OTHER PAYMENT QUESTIONS.NO PERSONAL CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED, DO NOT ASK. NOTE TO BIDDERS : MY GRADING AND DESCRIPTIONS ARE DEAD ON OR BETTER THAN LISTED IN MANY CASES, AND I NEVER USE THE GRADE MINT. I DO NOT SELL FAKES,ONLY ORIGINALS AND HAVE 100s OF SATISFIED CUSTOMERS BOTH ON AND OFF LINE.I SET MINIMUM BIDS LOW TO ATTRACT BIDDING ACTION, NOT BECAUSE THAT IS MY BOTTOM PRICE. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS RETURNS OR REIMBURSEMENTS FOR ANY REASON.ALL SALES IN AN AUCTION ARE FINAL ACCORDING TO ILLINOIS STATE LAW. COLLECTIBLES ARE AN IMPULSE BUY AND HAVE ALWAYS BEEN AN IMPULSE BUY, DO NOT BID IF YOU MAY HAVE A CHANGE OF HEART LATER. SHIPPING : Pickup only. NO shipping available on this item.


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