Rare Singer 3-1 Machine, Big, With Original Stand


A rare Singer model 3-1 sewing machine, serial #G2099737 . A really old machine, looks to be in really good shape for an ancient machine. The mechanism is free, it is missing the needle and the wood pitman rod. I think if you replaced those two bits and adjusted it the thing would work. I have had it around as a highly decorative object, everyone who sees it is amazed. No shipping due to the size and weight, it's a really big and heavy machine. Payment within 7 days please, I'll hold it until pickup can be arranged.


Contact informations :
Seller Name: tornistertuba
Sale Price: $350.00
Zip Code: 80219
Location: Denver, CO

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$350.00 from ebay.com
Auction price: $350.00

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