Singer Sewing Machine, 1921, In Table, With Motor


Singer sewing machine, antique, made in 1921. Serial number G9078337. Machine set in table model with extension flap on the left, six drawers, metal frame. Originally a treadle machine, converted in the 1960s to electric with addition of motor with foot pedal and light. Wood on top right is stained. Machine works well. Includes zipper feet and modern buttonholer attachment. Sewing machine can be detached, for ease when moving, with two screws on the back of the flat metal surface. When not in use the machine lifts and folds down into a storage cavity. The front of the machine itself has the typical old Singer gold decorations. They are in excellent shape. Only the wood table top needs refinishing. Dimensions: 30 inches high, 36 inches long, 18 inches wide.


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Auction price: $100.00

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