Vintage 1948 Singer 66-16 Sewing Machine Manual Rare


whudman Store Vintage 1948 Singer 66-16 Sewing Machine Manual Rare Vintage Singer Electric Sewing Machin Manual This is an original Simanco Sewing Machine Manual for the legendary classic Singer 66-16 sewing machine made in 1948 The Singer 66 was first manufactured in 1900 and only minor changes were made among the many 66's produced throughout the 50 years they were made- 1900-1950 This manual will accomodate all Singer 66 machines The Singer 66 was first manufactured by Simanco in 1900 and millions were produced up until 1950. For the first few years Singer made the 66 machine, that is now known as the Red Eye. It is the classic heavy-duty machine and it's intricate glorious Redeye Decals made it famous. The booklet is in nearly impeccable condition and the dates inside the front cover span from 1915 - 1948 which is model 66-16 The very center page (pg. 31-32) has come loose from the stapled construction This instructional booklet covers every aspect of the care of your Singer as well as including detailed instructions on the use of the many attachments that allow you to accomplish so much A definite prize! Acquired from the estate of a multi-generation farm family of LaSalle County, IL Email any questions Shipping amount is good for lower 48 states - all others please request a shipping quote before auction ends Will combine shipping amounts with my other items. Take a peek! I accept PayPal I ship on Tuesdays and Fridays after payment has been received. We're only ebaying, which is such a hoot and a wonderful pursuit!! We're in process of a major rehab project of the 2nd floor of our 1848 home - MAJOR! Lots of stuff here that's got to go If, for any reason, your item comes and it's less than what you expected, please contact me first and we'll work it out. My feedback comments support that many items received we're BETTER than expected. Hmmmm....... I started ebaying in January, 2005 after dismantling my parent's home that we were born and raised in.  Mom was a GREAT lady and a GREAT mom - and a saver!!!  Lots and lots of what I like to refer to ( with much respect!) junk, stuff and things.  She saved with the learning and hopes to "pass things" along to her children and so forth.  Very commendable pursuit for this wonderful woman who had 7 children, 18 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren!  Stored well - there's still lots, lots more.  In 2 years of ebaying, I'd guesstimate we're through about 20% and still persevering.  Good Stuff  -  Old Stuff  -  Cool Stuff -  Memorable Stuff!  Keep tabs on me as there is lots more to come!!

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