Vintage Old Antique Hand Sewing Machine Willcox & Gibbs Civil War Era 1868 Glass



WILLCOX & GIBBS HAND CRANK CHAIN STITCH GLASS TENSIONER AMERICAN CIVIL WAR ERA 1868 This is the last of my fabulous W&G chain stitch hand cranks on Ebay. Many people say that the W&G is the most beautiful of all the Victorian sewing machine designs, made in a perfect letter G after its inventor, Gibb. This beauty is complete and working. I have also added a new belt as the old one is original. She make a superb stitch and has spare needles and needle spanner. When I first discovered her I felt like Howard Carter in the Valley of the Kings as he peered into the tomb of the boy king Tutankhamun. I just could not believe I had discovered such an early model. I have spent endless hours brining this beauty back to life to last for the next 100 years or so. She has been completely refurbished and is now sitiching as she would have way back in 1868. Have no doubt that she was built with the very hands in Rhode Island that witnessed one of the momentus events in American history, even by the men who took part. If you are into Civil War reinactments this machine does the exact stitch that would have been used on the clothing of the period. The box in which she was wrapped was so badly wormed and damaged that I had a cabinet maker make a superb copy to protect her for the future. She has a copy of the threading instructions and a bit of original paperwork that survived. I have done a Youtube clip so that you can see her in action. I have a 100% feedback on eBay over 12 years and post worldwide so you can bid with absolute confidence. I have grown....

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