Vintage Singer Sewing Machine Attachment Fashion Aids Kit Zigzagger Hemstitcher

Parts CASE for Featherweight 221 Machine


I have for auction a beautiful vintage sewing machine attachment parts kit in its original case. I believe these attachments fit the Singer Featherweight model 221 machine. I am not sure which other Singers are are compatible with. The case measures approx. 11 1/4" x 9" and is approx. 5" tall. It is in very good condition; hinges are good, red paper lining is good with no rips or rents or holes, red parts tray is intact and lifts out easily; it sports a lovely leather handle, catch and hinges all work fine. I do not know if all the parts are present but it appears to be. Came to me from an estate. Some of the parts look as though they have not been used particularly the Singercraft Guide #2 which is usually missing from these kits. The buttonholer, Pinking Attachment, Hemstitcher, Singercraft Guide all have their instruction manuals. There is even a paper transfer sheet to use with the Singercraft Guide #120987. These attachments as well as those listed below all appear to be in good shape. The instruction manual list correct part numbers for the correct Singer Featherweight machine. These instructions manuals were printed in the 1930's and early 1940's. The hemstitcher has the throat plate which is a necessity for this attachment to work properly. There are 4 special sewing guides and gauges which I understand are very rare and so difficult to find. Below is a list of items in this kit. No other parts or attachments are included: A little red box containing 3 feet plus some screws which I believe fit the Singer Featherweight sewing machines. There are two feet for cording dble toe gathering feet and a gathering shirring foot. Their numbers are 125035. 154209. 121441. In the little red box is a quilter and guide and a little item which looks like it has something to do with tension (it has no number). #12598 Ruffle Attachment#36583 Tucker#25527 Side Seam Guide#35931 Adjustable Hemmer - Backside#121706 Singer Adjustable Zigzagger with guide (often lost)#121387 Singer Hemstitcher Picot Edger #121388 Singer Hemstitcher Picot Edger PlateSinger Hemstitcher Original Manual in very good condition copyright 1934-35 #121818 Feed Cover plate with screw#121318 Singer Gripper Extra Part, used as an "extra" hand for holding fabric #35003 Simanco Pressure Foot Gauge (rare find)#35004 Simanco Pressure Foot Gauge (rare find)#35005 Simanco Pressure Foot Gauge (rare find)#35006 Simanco Pressure Foot Gauge (rare find)#121717 Simanco Gauge Pressure Foot#121795 Singer Buttonhole Attachment Singer 1939 Buttonhole Attachment Manual An Original in very good condition copyright 1939-401 Vintage Original Draw String navy Blue Cloth Part sack in good condition small cloth bag is about 3 1/2 inches by 4 inches and will hold various attachments#121717 Foot including parts 35206, 35135, 35002#121464 Binder#120855 Foot Hemmer#121111 Singer Pinking Attachment along with Instruction Manual copyright 1933, 34 and 1935.#120987 Singercraft Guide #2 with instruction sheet and transfer by Walker's Irvington, NJ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~This rare SINGER SEWING CASE and its VINTAGE ATTACHMENTS is a rare find especially in such good condition. This lot is sold as is and comes from an estate. The parts appear to be in excellent shape; I cannot see any rust on them. The estate sold some beautiful things and all appeared to be well looked after. Could be a little dust, but all have been kept in this box for years. This is one thing I would like to keep but space does not permit; it needs another good home. S&H is at the expense of the buyer. My preferred payment is via Paypal however should you wish to use alternative payments then please ask. I try very hard to describe my vintage items. Should the item you receive be significantly "not as described" I may consider a refund. However, I cannot refund s&h fees.


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