Vintage Standard Treadle Sewing Machine Table


VINTAGE STANDARD TREADLE SEWING TABLE Normal 0 MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Antique Standard Sewing machine original cast iron base with reclaimed solid maple top and sides. Standard sewing machine company made sewing machines from 1895 till it was bought out by Singer in 1929. 33 in long 16 1/2 in wide 28 in tall Solid wood used- no veneers. The wood was sanded and multiple coats of Minwax urethane applied. A final finish with multiple coast of hand wax was then applied to produce a beautiful satin fine furniture finish. Would look great in any room, can use as a hall stand or an occasional table, TV stand. UNIQUE STATEMENT PIECE The treadle and original metal casters are all original to the piece and in working order- unusual in a piece this old. See Pix


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