White Rotary Vintage Sewing Machine Antique Electric


Antique White Rotary Sewing Machine This is a very cool old antique White Rotary Sewing Machine. It has all the wires and plugs. This Machine is very old and I believe it's from the early 1900's. Not sure if it works. The plugs are a different set up then I have. In good condition but could use some TLC. Motor # 104928 110 Volts Up To 75 Cycles $199.99 OBO This is a steal for this item, make me an offer on this item, I will not turn down any reasonable offer. There are over 300 items in my EBAY store CALL NATHAN ANYTIME 1 406 546 8748 Click the Blue link below to go to my store Click here to visit My EBAY Store I have over 300 items for Sale I will not accept bids from 0 feedback members unless you call me first. It is free to call at 1-888-766-3119 or 1-888-762-7653. If you do not call your bid may be cancelled ............. LEGAL TERMS: PLEASE READ THIS Please keep in mind that If you do not intend to purchase this item, PLEASE DO NOT BID! This is not a game, this is a real auction, and this is a real item. Remember: By bidding and winning this auction, you are entering into a Legally binding Contract to purchase this vehicle as outlined in the user agreement you accepted when you registered as an eBay™ Community Member. Ebay User Agreement This is a very serious auction, Do Not Bid unless you intend to complete the transaction. This is not a game on the Internet, This car is real, and is for sale. Please contact me at 1-406-546-8748 if you have any questions. Who the heck are you……. Montana muscle and classics is a montana based trust dealership that wholesales quality preowned vehicles to auto dealerships and to individuals on eBay. Why would we rather wholesale than retail you ask? Well, the answer is simple. This is not my day job20I love cars that’s all there is to it and 99 percent of my stuff is just different modified rare collectible or who knows maybe I just liked it I do not really take trade ins unless it fits into the categories above I don’t take junk just because it what they had to trade in….. I source my inventory from auctions friends and 30 years of establishing networks, friends, customers, and just folks who know me and call me up with a car they saw. I just love having these jewels around. While wholesaling brings far less profit per vehicle, it allows me the luxury of being at auction 2-4 times a week and doing what I love to do buy cars I wish I didn’t have to sell any of them I have a personal collection of over 100 cars 70 of them trans ams cause that’s what I like. And gives me time to run my main business I cant give you the website in this ad but look up my main business on google the product is called Care Kleen that is my main product it is brand new and that site will take you to my other sites I make vitamins and herbal supplements and I use my supplements you will see pis before and after of me and my wife on this site and if you want to try in I will give you 50 percent off your first order. Important I am not a distributor I am the manufacturer if you want the best prices or want the most markup when your reselling your mlm products call me you would be direct to the company top of file first level. Many of our first time buyers become repeat buyers, referring family and friends to us buying more cars or ordering the parts to fix up their toys. Enjoy your new investment.

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Seller Name: pebbleandrock
Sale Price: $199.99
Zip Code: 59870
Location: Stevensville, MT

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Auction price: $199.99

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