White Sewing Machine


White sewing machineThe last patent on plate is June 3rd 1913Serial # FR 2447325It has an electric motor, I do not know if it works ( I never tried.)I used it as a show piece and put nick-knacks on it.The cabinet is tiger oak and has been refinished.The drawers are in good shape and slide easily. There is a key to lock the drawers.One drawer has a small chip out of one corner.The metal legs are rust free and have all of the small metal wheels.There are 2 metal box's that contain attachments (attach to what I have no idea) Measurements: 34"wide 18"deep 34"high It makes a sharp display piece with the top opened or closed.I have also seen these made into a bar. Remove the machine and replace with a shelving unit.When you open the top up comes your favorite liquor.


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